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  Below are some of the ideas I am in the process of creating.
  Hopefully, most of them will be at a store near you soon..

  All Graphic Novel Art by Sheldon Dawsonwww.sheldaws.ca

  FUTURE GUY! - A Graphic Novel
  The idea is, what happened to the future we were promised? Flying cars, Jet Packs
  and ray-guns! Charlie Maker travels into an alternative universe where this future
  happened. Problem is, his counterpart lands in our universe and causes havoc
  with Charlie's life and with his girlfriend.
  T-shirts available at cafepress/oorjim.com 


TRISTAN BLUE Graphic Novel
A story very close to my heart. Tristan Blue is a young Scottish Highlander living in the
1870's. Through Tristan we discover the acts of genocide and betrayal that left the
famous Highlands of Scotland barren and sheep-filled today. Full of action, adventure
and actual events. 

I was born half a world away
from this place
on a tiny bit of granite, crag,
grass and peat.

I am a lord and chief to a clan 
that no longer exists.
I am the remnant of a time that
no longer exists.

I was born dead!
Blue and cold. But they brought
me back

I have died a dozen ways
and they bring me back.

I am the last MacGhorm!

I am....

Tristan Blue.

Doodz. Graphic Novel
What happens when a normal kid from rural Alberta meets up with a pair of sociopaths
who belong to a group who use a puppet from the 1950's as a role-model? Wait to find
out. Terryfing and creepy, with characters who speak their own slang and live by
their own rules.

The girl, though, she was
something else. Even under
the makeup there was this thing
about her, the way she moved,
the way her clothes seemed
to be perfectly tailored to her
was enough to keep me
thinking about her through
the entire morning.

"Little Sister Gotta
 Take Her Medicine

A Journalist is given the ultimate assignment - travel to the past and record
history as it actually happened. He will have to cope with a corrupt scientist and
media boss as well as his own demons after interacting with people dead for centuries
as well as coping with the implants that keep him alive